Thurlow Fisher Lawyers are amongst Australia's most respected law firms, delivering unsurpassed levels of expertise and professional clout, yet maintaining a friendly personalised service to clients.

Thurlow Fisher has recently united with Thomson Bentley & Partners to provide even greater depth of experience and professionalism, including an accredited personal injury specialist.

Why Thurlow Fisher Lawyers?

We now represent a combination of three strong firms from Bankstown of Thomson Bentley & Partners, Olliffe & Co and Thurlow Fisher Lawyers. The breadth and depth of knowledge, professionalism and experience allows us to undertake any variety of complicated issues with a determined and committed attitude to achieving the best result possible in the most efficient ways possible.

All the work undertaken by our Bankstown lawyers is aimed at maximizing and achieving the best results for your case.

We are leading the way in the following areas of law:

The Thurlow Fisher Lawyers Strategies

Thurlow Fisher Lawyers have access to a pool of knowledge, resources, and experience. Drawing from this pool allows us to better understand your situation and help you to work through your legal troubles.

With decades of experience, Thurlow Fisher Lawyers are perfectly equipped to deal with legal issues of any size, from individuals and small businesses to large corporations, and can guarantee a link to an expert in any field of law to assist you.