Conveyancing law is a type of law relating to the buying and selling of property, which deals specifically with the creation of deeds to legally transfer property between two parties.

When buying or selling property, you will deal with a number of people, such as financial institutions and real estate agents. Often, many of these people will pressure you to act fast. Contracts of sale, however, need to be drawn up carefully and correctly, to reduce the risk of important issues being overlooked. These decisions can be life-changing, so it is crucial that you get professional advice.

Thurlow Fisher Lawyers have experience in drawing up contracts of sale, and are skilled at communicating with real estate agents and banks. We know the pitfalls to look out for, and can explain the process in language that you can understand.

In general, the process involves a number of steps, including the signing of the contract, payment of a deposit, contract exchange, cooling-off period (5 days, unless bought at auction), preparation of transfer documentation, the balance of money collected, final settlement and handing over of title and transfer documents to the buyer.

Although this seems straightforward, there are many issues that can arise throughout the process. Thurlow Fisher Lawyers can handle all aspects of the purchase and sale of residential, rural, strata and commercial property, or land. Our expertise also extends to residential and commercial leasing, and providing advice in relation to securing a mortgage for the acquisition of property.

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